Intresserad av uppdrag i Europa inom in vitro diagnostic

Har fått en förfrågan ifrån aktör om hjälp enligt nedan

Är ni intresserade och känner att ni har kompetensen samt tiden så hör av er till mig så skall jag förmedla kontakten

X is a manufacturer of point-of-care, in vitro diagnostic meters and bench-top analyzers (glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol, hemoglobin, urine analysis and others). We are seeking a short-term consultant who can help educate us on the main laboratory information systems (LIS) currently installed in European clinics and hospitals. It would be ideal if we could obtain this type of information for each of the countries in Western Europe, including Scandinavia, but we realize this may be difficult.


We would also like to learn about trends, such as what is the most widely used version of HL7 in European clinics and hospitals and what version is everyone moving toward (and how quickly). X would like to make sure that the analyzers we have in development will provide excellent connectivity that is compatible with a majority of European laboratory information systems.


Is this an area of expertise for you or your colleagues? If so, would one of you be interested in working with us for a short period of time? If not, is there anyone you might suggest that we contact? Depending on the number of questions that come up and the amount of information to cover, it might only require a few scheduled conference calls.



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